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The GROLAWN Optional Services Schedule



  Type of Application    


October- March

Helps maintain proper pH level of soil. Should be done every 2-3 years.


Anytime soil moisture permits - best October, November, March or April

Relieves compaction in soil; accelerates thatch decomposition; allows better water absorption.

Grub Preventive

May- August

A environmentally effective grub preventative.This application can guarantee season long grub control.

Grub Control


This application is limited to controlling only grubs and does not address the damage they cause.


All Seasons

A number of fungicides to control various diseases that arise due to weather conditions during the season.

Spring or Fall

Grass seed applied to prepared soil, recently aerated lawns, or dethatched lawns.

Vegetation Control

Spring to Fall

Grass and weed killers applied to problem areas for reseeding or soil sterilization.

Revised 5-13

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