GROLAWN is the oldest and largest locally owned and operated lawn care company in Canton, Ohio.

900 9th Street  Canton, Ohio 44706-0357  (330) 454-5698

The GROLAWN Program

GROLAWN is the oldest and largest locally owned and operated company here. Our years of experience in the area will give you the best overall results. First-hand knowledge of area requirements by trained licensed personnel guarantees you personal satisfaction. Our trained professional technicians take pride in their work to make your lawn its very best. GROLAWN can give you up to date technical information on proper maintenance and care for your lawn. And our program is one of the most economical of its kind. The cost of the GROLAWN program is lower than you might suspect. GROLAWN is the best company in the industry today.

GROLAWN'S program is especially formulated and suited for all your turfgrass needs. GROLAWN can control crabgrass, weeds and insects, and at the same time stimulate the health and beauty of your lawn through applications of specially blended fertilizers. Each application is specifically designed to give you the best results throughout the changing seasons. GROLAWN guarantees it!

The GROLAWN program has been developed specifically for your area. It consists of applications of the finest products, dependable service and personal consultation with knowledgeable personnel. All this at a price you can afford.

To begin the GROLAWN program on your lawn, call (330) 454-5698.

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